Founding Operations Manager

November 10, 2022 0 Comments

About Job Protocol
What we do and where we work is one of life’s most important decisions.

At Job Protocol, we’re building the future of hiring by laying the Web3 rails to connect talent and opportunity more efficiently, creating a global job market that is more fair & meritocratic.

Job Protocol is a decentralized recruitment network that allows companies to hire faster and cheaper. We let companies list their open roles with a recruitment bounty on the blockchain, incentivizing their community and our ecosystem of talent partners – freelance recruiters, agencies, communities, job boards, HR tech businesses, publications… – to help attract top talent.

We believe that by encoding the right incentives, we can make recruiting a lot more efficient. E.g. candidates only apply to jobs they’re really interested in, referrers only refer candidates to jobs that fit well, and companies run efficient interviewing processes. Our goal is to encode these incentives using smart contract technology, to build a fair & transparent protocol that can serve as the infrastructure layer for a thriving recruiting industry.

We currently focus on the web3 industry, where we are already working for some of the strongest brands like Binance, Gnosis, Superfluid, CoW Protocol, Kleros and many more. In only a few weeks, we’ve placed 12 people and received thousands of applications.

We recently raised a 1.5m USD by Tioga Capital, Portal Ventures and some amazing angel investors, and are looking to expand our team to become the standard for matching talent and opportunity.

About the role
Every day, hundreds of candidates are referred to the various roles on our platform. It’s our mission to vet these candidates, present them to the client in a compelling way, and follow up with them through the interviewing process.

We’re looking for a stellar profile that by applying the right mix of building process, team and product can grow our candidate operations from a few hundreds to millions per day.


Build a scalable process, team and product to scale our talent operations from a few hundred to millions of candidates per day.Set up the right processes and associated metrics to make a scalable and efficient reviewing and follow up process.Figure out the right structure & incentives of the talent operations team to make it scale while guarding quality.Work together with the engineers and the product team to propose and prioritize new features to automate as much as possible.
You live in Europe or the UK2y experience in a fast-paced environment (startup, management consulting, investment banking, …).Ambitious track record that shows hunger and ambition.History of being able to combine strategic thinking and getting your hands dirty with the actual work. You think in systems and processes and execute accordingly.Past experience with hiring knowledge workers.Clear written and oral communication in English.You’re data-driven. Bonus points if you’ve used SQL before.Interested in Web3 – you’re following the space and have made at least some token investments.
What we offer
Challenging work experience building the future of the recruitment industryFast-learning environment, entrepreneurial and strong team spiritCompetitive package (incl. equity + tokens)Full remote friendlyTeam get-togethers every 3 months20 holidays + official (local) public holidays
Interviewing process
This role is a high priority for us, so we’re set to run a very efficient and quick process (<2 weeks).
Cultural fit interview with one of the foundersUse-case 1 interviewUse-case 2 interviewFinal interviewReference checks

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