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November 4, 2022 0 Comments

The Company

Streamflow helps web3 organizations distribute tokens efficiently and effectively. We leverage our token streaming protocol to provide a suite of tools every Solana organization can use to manage and stream tokens.

Why You Should Join Us

Streamflow is built on the values of integrity, curiosity and passion. We look to uphold these qualities in our day to day and look for these qualities in candidates who apply.
Our work culture is fast moving, engaging and ambitious. We passionately believe in the value that our protocol can unlock for the world and we’re looking to work with mission driven people who are ready to jump onboard with us, roll up their sleeves and get stuck into it. We believe in selfless sharing of knowledge, transparency and insight into all aspects of the business and personal initiative.
We are a remote-first, office-optional team that prioritises high quality written communication and the possibility of working asynchronously across timezones because we believe that the best talent exists on every corner of the earth. We are developing quite literally on bleeding edge technology on the most high performance blockchain, Solana. We offer above market salaries and discuss specific figures early on in the hiring process.

We’re seeking

We’re looking for a full-time Frontend Engineer to supercharge our presence in the Solana ecosystem and beyond. We need to grow the Streamflow brand to ensure users think of Streamflow first when looking to solve token vesting and payroll on Solana. We are looking for individuals who are here for the long-term, fully committing themselves to being a part of the Streamflow team.

If you:

you can work with at least 4h of overlap with the Central European Timezonehave 5+ years of professional experience working as a software engineer specialized in client side applications development (working with any of the popular js frameworks)have been part of high growth technology start-ups or scale-ups, preferably in the crypto or FinTech space as a dedicated full-time contributor
It will be a perfect fit if you like:
To workTo developTo learn (and do it fast)To go outside the comfort zoneTo do what is best for the businessTo participate in the construction of processes and organizations from an early stageAutonomy and responsibilityVery ambitious projects

Bonus points

We’re confident that if you:
Break React applications (into components, hehe) and have experience in thatWant to make JS SDK (NPM packages) for other developersLike to implement design, not just functionalityAre interested in Web3 and Solana blockchainyou’re more likely to succeed in this role.


Responsibilities include:
Hands-on work on the front end using tools like React, TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind, Solana Web3.jsParticipate in technical discussions with team members, provide expert opinion and be involved in technical decision makingTake ownership of key pieces of streamflow’s client side stack and steer them in the right directionWork with product and design teams to rapidly build experimental products.


Salary is negotiable based on previous experience and crypto-native exposure.



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