QA Test Engineer

November 1, 2022 0 Comments

Official App helps guide couples find and embrace the positive parts of their relationship and establish healthy habits. While there are many apps to find a someone, there are very few that help grow a beautiful relationship.

Currently serving 100k daily active users and growing fast.

Required Experience:

Turning high-level manual tests into automated tests

Using Appium, Waldo (or similar service) to create and evaluate test results

Communicate and collaborate with the team in English via Slack and

video calls.

Documenting bugs for developers.

Writing documentation for users – what to do when they find a bug.

Qualifying new app builds from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Attention to detail and past startup experience is a MUST

Daily Responsibilities:

Continuously monitor app in production, finding bugs before users do.

Take pride and be on a mission to give app users a bug-free experience.

Have a willingness to learn and grow fast with your team.

Have fun, share your ideas, and promote a positive work attitude.

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