Senior DeFi Engineering

October 23, 2022 0 Comments


We are looking for an experienced DeFi hacker to be part of the DeFi engineering team at Zilliqa. This is a vital role to drive and position Zilliqa as a hub for DeFi activities.

As Senior DeFi engineer, you will be reporting be part of the DeFi engineering team under SVP Platform engineering

Design and engineer new and innovative DeFi DApps for the Zilliqa ecosystemDesign good tokenomics for DeFi DappsSupport DeFi initiative from the Zilliqa ecosystemPromote DeFi within the Zilliqa ecosystem


Understand existing DeFi trends and gaps within the Zilliqa ecosystem Be part of the team that build DeFi DApps to enrich Zilliqa ecosystem Support DeFi DApps within the Zilliqa ecosystem


Passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields with a strong interest in CeFi and DeFi. You love to constantly learn and keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry. Degen and DeFi hacker is a plusComputer science background2+ years experience in full-stack development and smart contract developments (eg. Solidity, Scilla)Good understanding of both in functionality and engineering aspects of web3 tooling and a few DeFi projects eg. Aave. Yearn, Sushi, L2, etc…Have contributed substantially to DeFi ProjectsGood understanding of crypto-economics is a plusGood understanding of spot and derivative markets eg. Perpetual is a plusParticipation in Crypto hackathons is a plus

To apply, submit your resume in PDF format or LinkedIn Profile.

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