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🔭Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer to join our small team of passionate people. You should feel comfortable working with modern technologies like TailwindCSS and Vue.js (or React / Angular while being ready to quickly learn 😉).

If you are curious, you can already check out our (mostly) full technology stack here.

We love trying new stuff and often introduce exciting shiny cutting-edge technologies! You should be eager to learn and improve, not only as a developer but also as a person.

If you are aspiring to expand your horizon and become a full-stack developer, we can definitely help you with that! Bonus points for already being good at DevOps (Linux, Docker, CircleCI, etc.).

Last but not least – you need to be a good communicator. We’re a small team working remotely, so excellent communication is key to success. We love hearing opinions and suggestions! In our company your opinion matters and you will have a significant impact on the direction of the project, both on the technology and business levels.

🌍 Who are we?

Megaverse is an early-stage startup, focused on creating software for the Adult entertainment industry. We are 100% remote with people across many time zones. We are bootstrapped & profitable.

🧠Your Mindset

Self-improvement: You want to grow your skills and grow as a person. You seek ways to do things more efficiently.Problem-solving attitude: Problems are opportunities. You see problems as challenging and have the urge to solve them. There is no problem in the world you cannot solve!Proactive attitude: It’s not easy to work remotely. If you are having issues we expect you to be proactive about it and speak up.Independent: Since we are 100% remote this means that you need to be able to reach your goals independently. It would be best if you were self-aware and self-managed.Quality first: You value quality code! If you find yourself writing things twice you automatically refactor them. You find code reviews valuable (an opportunity to learn) instead of annoying.Passion: Coding is your passion, not just a job. You love to write good code and get great satisfaction from it.

🛠️ What will I be working on?

We are building an online platform enabling adult industry workers (18+) to monetize their content in a different way – based on the 1-1 connection with members of their audience.

You will not be limited to this project, we will be building many different things! Be sure to check out our Launchpad vision.

📜Our Offer

Remote work: Time is valuable, why would you spend time commuting? We believe in choosing our own working hours. Flexibility is needed in a world that gets more complex day by day.Company retreat: Be prepared to travel twice a year for a team-building get-together with the Megaverse Team. This is to put names on the faces of all your internet superhero colleagues! If you are curious about how that looks, check a short video from our trip to Malaga.Supported tools to help you grow: We will ensure you get all the tools needed to grow and get things done.Salary: Is competitive in the industry and can be adjusted to your skillset.Time off: You get 35 paid days off / year (this includes public holidays)

🙋How to Apply?

Send an email to containing the following details:

A personal introduction.Listed experience working remotely.Attached CV describing your previous work.Salary Expectation (we are working with monthly fixed rates).Any personal projects or code contributions you’d like us to see?

We are only hiring people in Europe.

Applications not containing the above information will be ignored

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