Software Project Manager Gigster HQ

October 12, 2022 0 Comments

Gigster is looking for expert Software Project Managers / SCRUM Masters with strong Software Engineering backgrounds to help lead trend-setting product development. They will deliver amazing experiences to customers by leading cutting-edge projects for F500 companies and startups in exciting domains like AI/ML, and Blockchain/NFT. They will work Full time on one project or Part-time on multiple projects and will be responsible for detailed Project plans, Estimations, Sprint plans, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives. In addition to that, they will also produce Milestone reports, Metrics reports, Risk mitigation, and Action plans.Ideal candidates are stellar, proven software project managers with strong technical backgrounds who’ve built first-rate products and love working with people. You should be excited about juggling multiple projects and helping us optimize the overall product management process.This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere in the world! Occasionally, you may be asked to travel on-site for client projects.At Gigster, whether working with entrepreneurs to realize ‘the next great vision’ or with Fortune 500 companies to deliver a big product launch, we build really cool solutions that make a difference! From blockchain to AI/ML to VR and more, Gigster builds enterprise software on cutting-edge technology.Gigster is powering the world’s engineering. We provide companies of all sizes with on-demand access to experts in new technology software development. Custom software is becoming essential for every business with global IT spend, yet very few have easy access to high-quality, managed talent when they need it. And as AI continues to change businesses, we’re helping companies through digital transformation, shaping the world of the future. We are changing the way software is built by empowering independent experts with smarter tools. Gigster takes pride in having an extraordinary global network of developers, designers, and project managers. Increasing levels of standardization in tooling and access to better data about the development process make the creation of custom software ripe for automation and scale, and Gigster will continue to deliver on that need in the marketplace. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that the best ideas come from diverse teams, and diverse teams are built intentionally. We want the best people from all around the world and are committed to creating an environment where people are empowered to give voice to their great ideas.

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